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Watch it all go by.

Gaff Rigged Cutter 

Beautiful gaff cutter Hawk from the late 19th century.

Hawk is sporting two headsails, a gaff sail and a gaff topsail.

(via Sail Ships)

Alert Husky 

Super alert Kushy that goes by the name Kodi.

(via Doggies)

Cherokee Nuclear Test 

Resulting mushroom cloud from the May 20, 1956 3.8 metaton Cherokee nuclear test at the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.

(via Vintage Technology)

Most Popular London Club 

Are Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham the most popular London club in the Premier League.

As it turns out the winner is Arsenal.

(via Premier League)

Lazy Sunday 

Bulldog resting.

(via Bulldogs)

Mercedes SUV 

Mercedes G 500 off the beaten path.

(via Mercedes)

Surreal Synchronized Swimming 

Almost surreal synchronized swimming underwater shots.

(via Gymnastics)

Fargo Fan Art 

Lorne Malvo

(via Fargo)